ATB training group run starts Friday January 2, 2015

For more information find the Around The Bay group training sessions, you’ll find it off the Training menu or just follow the link to get the the information and maps for each week’s run.

I’ve been hosting the Around the Bay group runs since 2004.

Yes, I started this silly thing 11 years ago, when someone that started running at one of my 5 km learn to run clinics wanted to step up to the full 30 km distance.  I thought it was such a good idea, not only did I put together a training program, but I opened it up to anyone that wanted to join us.

The group runs are a graduated 12 or 13 week program that starts with 5 miles (or 8 km) and adds about a mile a week (1.6 km) of training focused on the North Shore hill section of the race route.

If you are interested, join us on Friday evenings at 5;00 PM at the LaSalle Park parking lot in Burlington.