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John Hancock Honors Team Hoyt with Boston Marathon Statue

TeamHoytStatueI know that for some, this is old news (April 2013), but this was the first time I’ve seen the completed statue.

YouTube: John Hancock Honors Team Hoyt with Boston Marathon Statue

Rick and Dick Hoyt (Team Hoyt) have been an inspiration to many and in particular, to Amanda and myself.  We’ve had the pleasure to qualify and start the Boston Marathon with Team Hoyt four times over the years.  I was inspired to train, push myself and qualify both of us so I could share the Boston experience with Amanda.

It’s surprising to me that according to Snopes, Team Rocket was only the second wheelchair team to complete the distance in Boston. I would have thought that there were more people crazy enough to qualify pushing a wheelchair.

Bad Races Are Best

What’s so memorable about running the perfect race? Sure you might set a personal best, but let’s face it, while you may have pulled off the best race of your life, it was pretty boring. You run at your aim pace or maybe a little better, you focus on your goal, focus on your form and execute. When the going gets tough you reach deep and keep going. You write the time on your bib or in your run journal and that’s it. Other than a celebratory meal or refreshment after, what’s to remember about that run? Nothing. It was boring, it went exactly as planned. Unless you are one of the front runners, your race was successful, but there is no gripping story to tell. The perfect race is a perfect bore.

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A Thread Of Magic

Boston2004JacketsRunning buddy Mary (right) and her sister (left)
show off their hard earned jackets

Immediately after our first ancestor donned an animal skin for warmth, clothing has meant more to man than mere protection from the elements. Not only does clothing make the man, but what we wear also helps define whom that man is. It is a form of magic that the threads we weave grant us.

Some times clothing is a symbol of authority or power. It could be a statement of individuality or an indication of membership in a peer group. Clothing not only helps identify us, but it can be used to hide who we are. Clothing can be a shield or an expression of who we want the world to see us as. A $2000.00 business suit tells the world that you are a successful businessman, but it could also be hiding criminal intent.

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