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Why A Wedgie?

Awarding_the_GuinessThe awarding of the Guinness
Tom (right) finishes ahead of me (left) and by tradition, I award him his well earned prize.
2008 Bellwood Sprint Triathlon

That’s a very good question, “Why a Wedgie?” When I first heard that phrase, it triggered the memory of a famous Marx Brothers routine from their movie “The Coconuts“. The key phrase for the whole routine was “Why a duck?

It’s a classic case of misunderstanding and random phrases confused and twisted. Groucho and Chico are talking about a map, when Groucho mentions about the presence of a “viaduct” between the mainland and the peninsula. Chico, in broken english, immediately replies, “Why a duck?”. Much hilarity, silliness, unusual connections and confusion ensues. Hey, it’s a Marx Brothers movie, that’s what happens.

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