Monthly Archives: May 2004

Wet and Wild – Tough Ass Half Marathon

ToughAss-Collis01Team Rocket at the start of the Burlington Tough Ass Half Marathon held May 2, 2004 .  Amanda is looking and laughing at her dad. She’s was real trouble maker that day.

 As Amanda and I are unofficially sponsored runners for the VRPro races in Burlington, Ontario (mostly because Kelly Arnott, the race director, likes Amanda and won’t take my money), I arranged registration for us in the half marathon. We have a full marathon in two weeks, so I figured that Team Rocket would do the Tough Ass Half as a “training run”. We’d take it easy and run to finish rather than run for time. Besides, I was still in recovery mode from that nasty can of whoop-ass that the 2004 Boston Marathon opened up on all us unsuspecting runners, almost two weeks previous.

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