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Mark’s Observation

“If you hang out with crazy people, the insane starts to sound normal”

What that means is if you hang out with people that do drugs, or binge drink or hold up doughnut shops, then doing drugs, drinking heavily and armed robbery become normalized pretty quickly.

If you hang out with people that run marathons, complete Ironmans and volunteer at the local food bank, then being active, dedicated and compassionate become your normal too.

You become who you associate with.  Hang with the right crowd

Around The Bay 30km – Pictures

Mark and Amanda Collis - ATB 2015 - Start Line SelfieStart Line Selfie – Sunny and not cold for a change!

Mark and Amanda Collis - ATB 2015 - SmallerFinishing the 30 km

Yeah, it was a PW (2:26 PB!), but if you don’t run for 5 weeks in the middle of your training schedule (I was sick then and I still was on race day), what do you expect?  Here’s to a faster time next year.

Amanda maintains her unbeaten streak with me finishing a close second behind her. We were running as a member of the corporate team. This year we were Team Orange Rocket.

For more info on Amanda’s chair and her sleeping bag cold weather snuggie, see the items under Team Rocket.

T-Shirt Etiquette

T-shirtsIn the running community the wearing of race T-Shirts has become a sign of accomplishment and fashion. Choosing just the right T-Shirt for that special occasion can be a daunting and difficult task. The following guidelines have been compiled (in fun) to help the responsible T-shirt wearer avoid potential embarrassment and/or elevate their perceived status in the running community.

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Week 1B (5 miles / 8 km) – January 9, 2015

Note: Week 1B isn’t a mistake. It just makes it easier to adjust the web page and route maps when we go back to a 12 week schedule. This way I don’t have to renumber EVERYTHING.

This is a shorter version of the seven (7) mile Northshore west loop you’ll be doing in week three.  We take it easy on you this week as we only have the La Salle Apartments hill (twice!) and the climb to Plains Road from Northshore Blvd. to contend with.

Remember to turn left at the second Brook View Ave., not the first one (blink and you’ll miss it). If you miss the turn you’ll be doing extra mileage.  If you start heading down hill, you’ve gone too far.

As will all of our runs, we will be running as much as we can on the ATB race route in the direction that you’ll be traveling on race day.

Bay Training week 1B (Alternate) – 5 Mile Northshore West Loop

Map data ©2014 Google
Map data ©2014 Google
500 m