Learn 2 Run: Week 1

Here is where it all starts.

Run: 1:00
Walk: 2:00

For this weeks work out, focus the first point of running form.

We will be working on finding a steady pace that you can maintain for the entire minute during the run.  If you get out of breath, slow down, you are running too fast.  Most first timers end up sprinting and wondering why they are out of breath and not having any fun.  Slow down and enjoy the workout.

Keep in mind a big effort will require a big recovery, so I want you to focus on a nice, steady, sustainable effort.  Remember this point.  This strategy of steady effort pays off with big speed benefits over longer distances and efficiency when running up hills.

Plan on repeating this work out three or four times during the first week.  Your total time should be in the 30-40 minute range for entire work out, not including the warm up or cool down.

LTR Week 1 Workout

  • Warm Up: 3-5 minutes of brisk walking.
  • Interval Training: 30-40 minutes
    • Run: 1:00 minute
    • Walk: 2:00 minutes
    • Do exactly the time listed, don’t do more because you feel good
    • If you are running out of breath during the run, SLOW DOWN!
    • The run portion should be fast enough that you are breathing strongly, but not huffing and puffing. If you can carry on a conversation, you’ve got the effort level about right.
    • Find your steady pace speed.
  • Cool Down: 3-5 minutes of brisk walking.
  • Stretch: 2 minutes. Do static stretches and your cool down is complete.

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