ATB Week 1B

Week 1B (5 miles / 8 km) – January 14, 2020

Note: Week 1B isn’t a mistake. It just makes it easier to adjust the web page and route maps when we go back to a 12 week schedule. This way I don’t have to renumber EVERYTHING.

This is a shorter version of the seven (7) mile Northshore west loop you’ll be doing in week three.  We take it easy on you this week as we only have the LaSalle Apartments hill (twice!) and the climb to Plains Road from Northshore Blvd. to contend with.

Remember to turn left at the second Brook View Ave., not the first one (blink and you’ll miss it). If you miss the turn you’ll be doing extra mileage.  If you start heading down hill, you’ve gone too far.

As will all of our runs, we will be running as much as we can on the ATB race route in the direction that you’ll be traveling on race day.

Bay Training week 1B (Alternate) – 5 Mile Northshore West Loop

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