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Resolution Run 2019

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to the site. It’s been a bit of a challenge with lung issues over the last two years. Basically, if you can’t breath properly, you can’t run either.

After a lot of doctor’s appointments and different medications, things seem to be on the improve. December 2018 was a month of firsts, 5 km then 8 km without stopping, then 10 km doing a run walk with a friend.

January 1, 2019 seemed like the perfect time to show up for the BRC’s Resolution Run on New Years Day. Not just me, but also Amanda. We did the 8 km route in just under an hour. It wasn’t speedy by any measurement, but was a firm step in the right direction for the coming year. Amanda’s smile in the picture above after our run seems to say it all.

Here’s to 2019, the year of the come back… I hope.

Boilermaker 2015 – Racing And Paying It Forward

Utica Boilermaker 2015 - Start line selfiesEmily and Howard sharing a start line selfie with Team Rocket

For the first time Amanda and I had another wheelchair team to start with at the Boilermaker, a young lady named Emily with her dad Howard pushing.  It was wonderful to have met them.   Emily is about 12 years old, trapped in a body that doesn’t work, but I could see the charming young lady hiding inside. They where only the second wheelchair team to start the 15 km race, Amanda and I being the first team to do the race in 2011.

Both Emily and her dad Howard were excited to be there, it was their first time at this race as a team. Howard being a local area resident and runner had done the 15 km a few times by himself, but this was the first time with his daughter.  It was also the first race for their new racing chair.

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John Hancock Honors Team Hoyt with Boston Marathon Statue

TeamHoytStatueI know that for some, this is old news (April 2013), but this was the first time I’ve seen the completed statue.

YouTube: John Hancock Honors Team Hoyt with Boston Marathon Statue

Rick and Dick Hoyt (Team Hoyt) have been an inspiration to many and in particular, to Amanda and myself.  We’ve had the pleasure to qualify and start the Boston Marathon with Team Hoyt four times over the years.  I was inspired to train, push myself and qualify both of us so I could share the Boston experience with Amanda.

It’s surprising to me that according to Snopes, Team Rocket was only the second wheelchair team to complete the distance in Boston. I would have thought that there were more people crazy enough to qualify pushing a wheelchair.