ATB Week 3

Week 3 (7 miles / 11.2 km) – January 26, 2020

Good news, Valley Inn Road hill is back in for the 2020 race.

The Valley Inn Road section is usually pretty dark if you are running at night, please bring head lamps or flashlights as the footing can be tricky on this bit.

This week we are running of the seven (7) mile Northshore west loop and introduce the full glory of our very own “Heartbreak Hill”, Valley Inn Road.  Don’t worry, it’s not that tough a hill, it’s just in a bad place for the ATB (4.6 km to go).  Over the course of the training we’ll be running this hill repeatedly. By race day you’ll have taken the sting out of this scorpion’s tail and you will have learned how to run this properly.

Stay on Plains Road, past the RBG centre.  Be aware of your footing and the traffic as it can be a bit tricky if we’ve had snow recently.

The turn around for on York Blvd is at the start of the highway underpass. If you cross the little bridge or cross the access road to the 403, you’ve gone too far.

For the hard core runners, hammer both the Valley Inn Road hill and the Cemetery hill on the way back. The Cemetery hill ends at the 40 kph sign and not before, so don’t short change yourself.  You can treat yourself to a short recovery walk at the top of both of these hills.

Bay Training week 03 – 7 Mile Northshore Loop

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