ATB Week 6

Week 6 (11 miles / 18.5 km) – February 16, 2020

Good luck to those that are running the Grimsby Half Marathon on this day.

The Valley Inn Road section is usually pretty dark if you are running in the evening, please bring head lamps or flashlights as the footing can be tricky on this bit.

This run takes the usual 7 mile route, but continues on past Dundurn Castle to York Blvd., down Bay to Pier 4 park.  Continue on to the end of the trail and where the canal is, look for the stairs on your left and climb up them to Plains Road.  This is usually a good test of your calf conditioning. Try and make it to the top of the stairs without stopping.

Turn right at the top of the stairs and retrace the route down Valley Inn Road back to the park.

For extra fun, run the cemetery hill hard on the way back, pushing your pace until you get to the 40 kph sign at the top. If you do this treat yourself to a one (1) minute walk break before  continuing back along the usual Northshore west loop.

Bay Training week 06 – 11 Mile Finish Line Loop

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