A Chair Pusher’s Guide: Resources On The Web

 P1010059Heading to the start line of the 2006 Boston Marathon with Rick and Dick Hoyt.
I’m laughing because Amanda kept checking out Rick in his chair, “Who are those guys?”.

Other pushers on the web

Off the shelf manufacturers:

Custom build manufacturers:

People that help us get on the road:

  • Burlington Runners Club: www.burlingtonrunners.com
    The Burlington Runners are the running club that Amanda and I belong. The club is in Burlington Ontario, Canada.
  • Foot Tools: www.foottools.ca
    John Lawson and Paula Desjardan have a small running stuff store in Burlington, Ontario that we run out of on Wednesday nights. They keep us in clothing, rubber and cookies. The are supportive of everyone, of every ability.
  • Tetra Society: www.tetrasociety.org
    The dudes and dudettes in the Burlington chapter helped us by designing, manufacturing and installing a completely custom brake system for Amanda’s new racer. The Tetra Society has branches all over North America and helps the handicapped by building neat stuff to make day to day activities a little easier.
  • VRPro Races: www.vrpro.ca
    Kelly & Mark Arnott not only have supported us at their races, but Kelly won’t let me pay for races I enter with Amanda. I guess you could call us VRPro sponsored runners.

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