Monthly Archives: December 2003

Sometimes Christmas Comes Early

JC Bagel 2000 - Team Rocket “Team Rocket” relaxing after the J.C. Bagel 5km, September 6, 2000
This was Amanda’s very first race.

I don’t need a Christmas present this year. Mine arrived in June via FedEx, courtesy of the Burlington Runners Club in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

You may not have met my daughter Amanda. Amanda is special. She is mentally and physically handicapped, essentially non-verbal, stuck developmentally at about one and a half and confined to a wheel chair. We are lucky in that she has no serious health problems. She is alert, aware, she has a sense of humour and a smile to melt your heart. It does put limitations on what we can do together as a family but she does like to get out.

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A Dialogue: Voices From The Plains Of Fennel

Mark Collis had run the Ottawa Marathon. He let the marathon out that was within him which would qualify him to run the Boston Marathon.

Ozzie Gontang has shared his folklore on marathoning for twenty-five years. Ozzie Gontang has shared his folklore with rec.running (a news group on the Internet) for seven years.

Ozzie and Mark have never met in person but their friendship has grown over the past 3 or 4 years.

This is a dialogue they shared. Ozzie and Mark have never been to the Plains of Marathon but the voices of Marathon binds them mind/body/spirit.

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